PRISMA Visual Vocabulary 

Working with visuals and image has always been a part of the core curriculum we teach in our Certification Trainings, yet Prisma is taking this way of working with clients and students to a totally amazing level of practicum that you will learn to share with your own clients and beloveds. 

Prisma Intentional Creativity Sessions Template

This video from Shiloh Sophia offers you an example of how you might begin to add Intentional Creativity to your own custom offerings and marketing.

Leverage Your Creativity as a Modality for Healing

MUSEA - Center for Intentional Creativity is Introducing an innovative approach to creativity as a modality for healing especially for those in the helping/healing professions.

This approach is based on the work of Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud, Sue Hoya Sellars, and the Intentional Creativity Collective with over twenty-five years of research and tens of thousands of people practicing.

This training is an experience for the practitioner to discover new ways of working that are rooted in the activation of the self-expression of the client. How that client's innate information and capacity to heal and intuit their healing path is often hidden from view. Intentional Creativity enables the visible world of the client to become visible so that both the client and the practitioner can read and gather clues to a path of transformation, treatment, protocol designed by the client for their own use. Authorship in the creation of a path of healing increases ownership and accountability as well as capacity and the development of self-trust.

Gain Access to Your Own Healing Solutions

For most of our lives, we are taught to seek solutions outside of ourselves, as if the answer lies outside of what we know and who we already are. The paradigm of the 'healer outside' is enforced over and over in the 'expert model' where the gifted are exalted as the ones who are in the know.

What if what we are in need of is not more naturally gifted people endowed with special powers, but rather each individual to gain access to their own solutions and sensations so they can navigate their own consciousness, energy, body, and heart?

How would it work? Intentional Creativity provides a visual and somatic pathway for those practicing, having nothing to do with talent, creative activities which reveal stunning insight, innovation, and direction.

We will explore very tangible as well as quantum ideas together like:

  • How to amplify your practice with powerful neo-ancient tools that anyone can do and that weave with any existing tradition.
  • Discover and deepen how to improve your own methods, practices, and coursework and how it weaves with your deepest sense of innate creativity.
  • Invite increased access for clients to their own innate healing power by setting the 'field condition' and working with a metacognitive process for them to read their own information.
  • How to practice the approach with individual clients, circles and groups both virtually with thousands as well as in person with small and large groups.
  • Free yourself of 'doing all the work' and getting only minimal results and recover from 'guru-syndrome' impacts of needing to provide the magic pill or bullet.
  • Discover the power of critical thinking combined with magical thinking as it relates to self expression.
  • As well as working together as a community to bring the work forward. Create a step-by-step plan to language, image, pricing and reveal marketing materials that showcase your new skillset and invite existing clients as well as new clients to experience your work.
  • Claim an intentional community you can travel with for the rest of your life, growing and collaborating together as we move into our own future and the uncertain future of this planet.

While yes, there may be nothing new under the sun, practicing this way is new to us. Yet most healers will find they are already doing much of what we will share with you - we are translating it into something you can offer to others again and again. 

An Emergent Intersection of Healing Arts, Energywork and the Curation of Consciousness

Intentional Creativity Practitioners bring an intersection of self-expression + somatic science + metacognitive drawing + field and energy coherence + visual meditation + medicine painting + circle-work + spoken and written word.

A new era of healing is emerging called forth by the great need of our times for each person to be as accountable to their own healing as possible.

The times when the shaman healer consumed or transmuted the illness of another are coming to an end. Our Elders are passing on their gifts and inviting us to a new way. The new way is up to us to create. While we will share the 42 Teachings of Intentional Creativity and the Core Practices for Practitioners - this modality is awaiting minds and hearts like yours to develop it together as a community.

We are putting the healing into the hands of those we serve, instead of the model where they are relying on the healers to do the work for them, making healing art that can be practiced by all, instead of an exclusive trade.

Adding Intentional Creativity to your medicine basket is something that over 500 women have already been doing around the world.

We know it works.

We know how it works.

We want to share with you how it can work for you and for your clients.

Our comprehensive curriculum is available to all skill levels in terms of creativity. Ideal applicants will have at least five years of a healing modality already in their medicine basket or be willing to work with clients in a truly active way to develop the skillset.

about how you approach the healing of the body.

pathway of communication with you through working with image, written language, and spoken word.



The curriculum is based on a personal experience of your own creativity and the information you gather during your process. As well as a transpersonal experience with how you choose to share the approach with your clients.

Each practitioner will work to weave the material into their existing offerings as well as create new offerings. You will begin practicing with your clients and also your training cohort as soon as you have a grasp of the material.


Practicing the Intersectional Material the theory of relativity and how to see both sides at once and bring them together for your good. Learn the science of how it works and why.

Experience: Create a notebook of practices to use with clients and develop visual thinking to guide you in developing your own practices by accessing your own information.

This is where you learn how to work with metacognitive drawing as a tool with myth, metaphor, and meaning. Where you learn to navigate the power of the word and image and how it relates to moving energy through coherent systems.

This is where you work out your own stuff' during the training. AND the creation of a painting you can work with in terms of image development.


Practicing the Field Theory, Oraclizing Client Outcomes

Experience: Learn how to empower the client with their own diagnostic tools.

This is where you address your own cognitive biases and beliefs and find a ground of being that supports seeing your client as the one who has their own information. To truly see them that way you must practice it for yourself and review the outcomes.

You will also begin to work with clients and your cohort to practice the approach and become familiar with how it works. You will develop the 'feeling' for working in a shared field, joining the client in their efforts but not carrying the burden for them.

A Dream Modality in your hands and heart

Intentional Creativity Choice Cascade

Watch as Jonathan McCloud shares what he calls "the bones of intentional creativity" This video is just over 40 minutes - you may watch a little or a lot to get an idea of the art and science behind Intentional Creativity and a preview to the teachings inside PRISMA training.

As we say here in MUSEA find a nice quiet space, grab a cuppa, consider having a pen and notepad to doodle, or graphic record, or paint while soaking in the knowledge being passed onto you.

The Architecture of our Psyche in Abuse and Recovery

Songs of Healing by Shiloh Sophia

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any ~ Alice Walker

This Red Thread Letter shares my thoughts about this topic, drawn from 25 years of working with women and children in the domain of creativity. My intention in sharing it is to provide a context for ‘viewing’ recovery through the awareness of how abuse impacts psychic, spiritual, and physical structures.

When we are hurt our natural patterns are interrupted. The shapes we make with our mind, body, and field can become dented and fragmented. We are not as we were before.

This is the same for any kind of transformation, we are different than we were before. How do we work with, the new shapes, if we have very little knowledge of how to work with them, and what is, the shape of a being?

After trauma, the original shapes of wholeness, are there in our energetic patterns. We can choose to return to them with awareness, yet knowing, that we will never be, quite the same shape. The shape that has been impacted, creates a new shape of being, that in time, we can work with, heal, and be informed about and by. Synthesis can happen when all or most aspects of being are communicating.

When we are hurt, lines of communication between systems are often interrupted. Signals and messages from within can become scrambled. The internal narrator turns fierce. Innocence is impacted and we can lose ourselves somewhere along the way. The self we may lose is the part of us who knows how to navigate our psyche. Who has some co-creative capacity with organizing consciousness. The loss of that capacity can be devastating, and feel like a loss of soul.

The Architecture of Recovery by Shiloh Sophia

This scattering of how we were once knit together, now impacted by trauma fractures and spreads throughout our entire being. Mostly in ways, we have little consciousness about, or capacity to influence at the time. Most of us do not know enough about how trauma is going to impact us, to take action before the damage gets worse, as it is happening, or right after, or even years later.

Imagine something like this… A mosaic of stories, no longer whole, shards that puncture our animating personae, our potentials appear limited, wing clipped. Arrows that seem to come from nowhere enter and impact the architecture of our psyche. Our physical symptoms amplify, coding stories into impressionable cells. Yet we know, we can bring alchemy to catalyze the wound, but how. We need know-how.

Whether the trauma was physical to the body, trauma makes it physical to the body and the field. Imagine that we are a body within a soul and that our field is the interactive domain connecting all of who we are, a network of interconnected lights, ideas, structures, stories, synapses and so much more than we know.

The Ancestors Singing Us Home by Shiloh Sophia

Precious, gorgeous, unique structures that house us, keeping us within the realm of gravity for this earth experience. What a journey?!

This fracturing populates our entire identity, the space in which we have our being is impacted on all levels, good, bad or otherwise, ‘impact’, the force of any kind changes how we are living in these structures. Structures mean both physical and energetic.

Recovery for many of us can be challenging as we work on one part, then the next, having to piece together the seemingly separate pieces of healing. We go to many different healers, We go “Here for the mind, here for the body, here for energy” then we have to weave the braid ourselves, and often, we do. Many healers do integrate the many layers, and we are blessed if we find them, when both they and we are ready for such an undertaking as to the restoration of the architecture of identity.

The time for new healing paradigms is already present and we are living within them now, made possible by all the healers who have charted the course to THIS MOMENT.

A Body within A Soul by Shiloh Sophia

Let’s look further, in consideration of the awareness of the architecture.

When the healing strands come, upon what do they build, or land, upon what armature are the changes put in place, to return to and nurture? So much to ‘hold’ in the mind as we work to return to a wholeness we feel was once there, if even in infancy. How long ago was that wholeness in place, and how long before it can begin to make itself whole again? Maybe now.

What if the rebuilding of the being must begin with an awareness of the design of the human being? And must this design be so complex, or in a spiritual tradition with beliefs and contracts and vows? How do we even talk about it?

The design you are, is personal to you. Though we share many traits that we can extend to one another in hopes of one story supporting another. You are the one who re-members you into wholeness. Which after being hurt, is often elusive, perhaps, healed enough can be enough. Seeking FULL healing, may be a challenge for most of us, and we wait and wait and wait to live our fullness…what if we can be healed enough? Is that a closer view?

Imagine Feeling Supported by Shiloh Sophia

You may not have an image of your design pre-wounding, this idea may seem abstract and perhaps even woo-woo. Simply the awareness that you have a psychic architecture, a physical and energetic shape that holds your identity, including, personality, story, consciousness may be a huge part of initiating the next level of authoring your healing. This awareness becomes an invitation to restoration, to being in inquiry about what this looks like for you.

The beautiful news here is that YOU are the one who heals you. You have already known, that there are things only you can do.

This isn’t a concept. Yet without the awareness of what makes up a person, it can be challenging to SEE IT. To deepen this, in our community, we paint it and draw it and move our bodies with the new awareness. For now, this is an invitation to simply KNOW that your architecture is there, as a memory of your whole being and is waiting for your awareness.

Cultivating New Awareness by Shiloh Sophia

Creativity is one of the powerful ways to consciously and actively engage with your psychic architecture. Think of this as the space around you, which holds you in place, enclosing your sack of stars with your skin suit. When you create, you engage with, as in, TURN ON the capacity for co-creation with your often hidden domains of being.

We are talking directly here, about curating your own consciousness. To do this you can’t just think about it, or vibe into it, you MUST engage with it, as in moving particles around to begin to re-arrange how they have been functioning.

It is time for gathering the shards to repair the vessel, with our own hands. By hands, I do mean, HANDS. Bringing your hands into motion to reshape how you are living within your being. Action, physical action, is needed for healing to begin to happen across all levels.

Imagine lights, that have been out or dim, beginning to light up inside of your skin and around you This is very real, biophotons are lighting you up. Through the very act of reading this and considering new possibilities, even if you are stretching to grasp. Reach . . . .

Songs of Healing by Shiloh Sophia

Recovery often follows conscious actions, informed by a willingness to be in inquiry. Furthered by asking, our very brain, heart, and body to reach with us into a space and place we haven’t been before. Healing happens in the future, even just a few moments into a space we have yet to visit, let us go there together.

When we create all the dust in all the locked rooms of self, gets stirred. Our giant broom in the shape of a paintbrush cleans out the darkest corners, bringing movement, light, and color.

Shiloh Sophia

Transformation of Fragmentation by Shiloh Sophia

Deepen Your Healing Power