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We are so glad you are interested in learning more about PRISMA and that you are hopefully considering joining us. This page offers insight into our story and answers some of your questions. We offer this as an exploration. Further, don't miss that the Explore tab has an extensive drop-down menu to learn more.

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The artistic mediums for this training are
journaling with watercolor, paper, and pen.

Journal water coloring - Shiloh Sophia

Let's explore a little
Q & A about PRISMA

Are you called to integrate visual arts into your healing practice?

Are you curious about how Intentional Creativity works as a healing art
and why it works from a scientific perspective?

Are you excited to add new visual creativity tools to your healing arts tool bag?

How would it feel to dedicate an entire year being a Co-Creator with Creation in your professional practice and in your own self-care practice?

in a Universe revealing itself through us and through Creation itself.

DISCOVER the SCIENCE and SOMATICS of this ancient yet futuristic MODALITY of WORKING with the BODY, the FIELD, and CONSCIOUSNESS.

What is your part and how can you live it to the fullest in such uncertain times? How can our relationship with our body, field, consciousness, and the earth shift the potentials of the life we are living?

Develop your experience of direct 'gnosis' for yourself through the teachings of clairconsciousness available through alignment of internal and external systems of your identity, energy, and framework.

How do you access your internal knowledge, activate your codex, and create a clear channel for receiving information?

COLLABORATE with Teachings of Intentional Creativity to CURATE your own unique approach to healing through the arts and work with us to DESIGN the most potent framework possible at this time.

Are you willing to reveal a potent potential condition for healing you haven't tried before?

You have tried a lot of things. You have a lot of gifts.
You have been developing your own approach almost since you were a little kid.

PRISMA does not interfere with the way you work, although it will challenge default settings, belief assumptions, and amplify how energy works. PRISMA opens a portal of potential for you to develop your own way of working. The curriculum is the medium in which your content is revealed, not replaced by ours.

There is ultimate freedom within the container because the work here is based on the science of creation and consciousness, not on spiritual assumptions or outdated frameworks from the past 5,000 years.

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All different kinds of helping, healing professions work with Intentional Creativity®.

Doctors, Shamans, Nurses, Artists, Coaches, Therapists Bodyworkers, Healers, Energyworkers, School Teachers, Counselors and Guides of every field.

A long time student of our work says this:

"Intentional Creativity was the missing piece in my practice. I always knew there was something more I could be doing to help those I work with, and that I knew I was creative, but I didn't know how to combine them and bring them to life. Now I do. I always felt like my own creative life had to be separate from how I supported others. I no longer have to put my life on hold to continue to share my gifts."

Intentional Creativity does not answer questions for individuals or the collective. Rather creating art with intention creates a condition in which each of us can formulate soulful questions. Inquiries that have no need for a specific conclusion, yet that further a desire for beauty in all its forms."

~ Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan at Cafe’


Know the Past, Dream the Future
and take Powerful Action in the Present


A Message from Shiloh Sophia

You could almost think about PRISMA as a love story that has unfolded over ten years. The teachings shared in this emergent immersive training experience are the result of a relationship that began in 2012.

Jonathan and I fell madly in love with one another for so many reasons, but one of them was our mutual love of art, science, philosophy, and healing. We are both creatives, coming from wildly different perspectives who have shaped our way of thinking together. We have formulated the power of how Intentional Creativity can work with the body and field and we want to bring that to you.

We first started teaching a class called PRISM in 2015 and continued to evolve the curriculum to where it is now after working with over 100 students both in-person and virtually. PRISM 2.0 has evolved into PRISMA. We are working together with you, all year, to bring you the best of what we have learned and the heart of what we understand about creativity and the sciences. To collaborate with creation is a powerful act of acknowledgment of where we live, how we live, and what is possible.

The concepts we are sharing are similar to the original PRISM, only the framework has changed from Leadership to Healership as the focus. A gentle yet powerful shift in approach, which allows us to really focus on Intentional Creativity as a healing modality.

The educators and leaders who took PRISM wanted to take what they were learning and offer it to their client base. We said Yes, and here we are today offering it to you after many years of research.

Here is the original graphic above and a sample of the previous teachings below! Over the years as we have worked with our community we have discovered such a deep love of each of you. And we are overjoyed that there is something we can bring that can support you and support your work with your clients.

We look forward to this uncommon offering in uncommon times.

~ Shiloh Sophia

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"Shiloh and Jonathan are Co-Creators and Co-Captains of this good ship named Musea, and it is powered by LOVE and Joy and a profound commitment to making life better for women and girls globally, empowering us through art, science, and love. In their field, we all get smarter and more committed to playing our parts to birth a new world!
BONUS: We become better artists and entrepreneurs!" ~ Anasuya Isaacs

PRISM 2.0 = PRISMA 2022

Here is an example of the PRISM material we worked
with for the original PRISM training in 2016.

ANTHROPAS: PRISMA's Painting Process

Stardust Transit by Shiloh Sophia

Anthropas is a creative spiritual voyage, a rite of passage in paint, that invites your soul and body to come together. In this painting process, we will travel through 13 thresholds stopping to reflect, dance, and paint at each new moon to explore where we have been and where we are now. At each stop, you will gather new insights, access and develop your information. Layer upon painted layer of your own sacred wisdom revealed through Intentional Creativity. In your life, you will bring the teachings to bear ... as a practice, a framework, and a worldview shift.

Check out the Anthropas Painting Process


You have a unique and colorful signature that is only yours to express. Intentional Creativity invites you to bring your own prismatic framework to life as an approach to working with others. There is more vibrancy, beauty, potential, and freedom available when you are your fully expressed self so you can invite your clients to be fully expressed.