An invitation for soul and body to come together for a creative spiritual voyage. A Rite of Passage in Paint!

Are you curious about a creative curriculum that creates a context for you to access your own content and shape it into a codex onto a canvas while riding through cosmic consciousness?  

If so, you have arrived at the perfect portal for your passage


Guided by Shiloh Sophia

Anthropas is a non-template template
to shape your own Intentional Creativity Spiritual Practice.
A Noetic Teaching Codex we're calling:


Each one of the below teachings will be brought into the painting and writing experience. Inviting you into territory you have never been in before ... because you are defining that territory for yourself. They won't likely make sense to you now, we cannot possibly reveal the entire codex for all to see ... it is for your eyes only.

Think of this list as a riddle of mystical things to come...  

Metacognitive Consciousness.
Following Threads of Light.
Devotion Meditation.
Access to Your Hidden Pages.
Emanative Sensual Intelligence.
Quantum Collective.
Co-creative Self Liberation.
Elemental Rituals and Rites.
Deprogram existing Program

Design Your Template for Being.
Sacred Centers of the Body.
Codexing from the Cosmos.
Image Moving of Energy.
Ride the Equal Sign.
Neuroscientific Rewiring Riddles.
Dissolving Default Settings.
Colorful Arcs of Compassion.
Resiliency for Rebels.

Story Shaking Shifting.
Mystic Archetype Poetics.
Falling in Love with the Universe.
Cultivating Blissballz.
Emanative Body Intelligence.
Visible Invisible Frameworks.
Dark Moon Noetics.
Color Palette Science.
13 Thresholds of Awesome.

Join us to begin navigating the future with women's ways of knowing guiding us. Your painting IS the mythic journey towards this threshold of consciousness. How often have you TRULY taken the time, space, and necessary ceremony to honor where you have been so you can honor where you are going next? Through our time together you will develop your own philosophy for being, and it will be documented in image in your own painting. Our curriculum will culminate in a self initiatory Rite of Passage that you design.

This is about you, for you. Time like this, a devotion to your own sacred space, is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

Stardust Transit by Shiloh Sophia

Traveling through the 13 Thresholds

Those who have traveled with me know that a yearlong Intentional Creativity experience is always worth the price of admission. Working on a ginormous canvas is a world-shifting, mind-shaping, body-waking coming home that alters the CONTEXT in which you experience your life.

Together we will travel through 13 thresholds stopping at each new moon to reflect where we have been so far and exploring where we are now. Dancing at each threshold. At each stop, you will gather new insights, access and develop your information. Layer upon painted layer of your own sacred wisdom revealed through Intentional Creativity. In your life, you will bring the teachings to bear ... as a practice, a framework, and a worldview shift.

You might think of the whole thing as a revealing of what is already within you ... The you that is in the immediate future and the eternal now. For me, painting a large painting is the funnest part of my creative life, it stretches and expands my skills and my mind ... and also my joy. Because there is so much territory to cover and play in, it is very forgiving, and there is room to move, to literally dance and breath and experiment. Painting this way is a modern-day Rites of Passage and the energy movement that happens is profound. The soul's longing to know itself has the space and context to reveal to you your hidden pages.

Signed with a red thread and a true love for adventuring with women around the world ... I can't wait to share this with you!

Shiloh Sophia


What we hope we can bring to you. What we hope you can bring to your creative spiritual practice.

  • Create: Paint textured layers for 13 thresholds on one giant painting
  • Cosmic: A painting that will be a 'cosmic self-portrait' of your whole body 
  • Consciousness: Dive into and practice the curriculum: Origins of Quickening
  • Construct: Create a record documenting becoming a true human being
  • Collage: Amplify the intuitive inquiries visually with Jenafer Joy  
  • Calling: Call your Soul and Body back together again
  • Craft: Shape your poetic mind and write through intuitive downloads
  • Compassion: Practicing what you are experiencing in your relationships 
  • Catalyst: Take trips to inner space and track the path of access
  • Clarity: Develop your core philosophy of human being, your own content
  • Commitment: Develop a devoted creative spiritual practice and do it! 
  • Celebrate: Design a personal Rite of Passage honoring your Anthropas voyage


Our Intentional Creativity® ANTHROPAS Painting Process will include an expanded set of skills and will deepen your practice with your development as a painter. And still, no painting experience is needed ... if you are willing to wield the brush ...





In your painting, you are invited to explore your own soul space. The place your light body and your physical body come together. Your 'sack of stardust' knowings and your way of integrating the two. 

Through metacognitive consciousness, we will be stepping out of preexisting paradigmatic default experiences. You will be painting your SELF as the invisible becomes visible at the end of your brush. 

Your painting will be intuitive, daring, and dangerous to your current understanding and a proper blast! 

Metacognitive Consciousness (thinking about your conscious thought) asks you to explore new territory while you MOVE the brush or pen. And while it all sounds very intellectually stimulating and quantumly orgasmic, what we are exploring is extremely practical for how you navigate in the day-to-day.

We will trip out in flow state, going as far as we can go without drugs, AND ALL OF IT WILL REMAIN AVAILABLE WHEN YOU RETURN TO YOUR "REAL" LIFE. This can help us understand, more about what is actually real. 

Each of us will work with OUR FULL BODY intuitive painting, exploring an understanding of YOUR OWN INVISIBLE and VISIBLE BODY and the sacred centers of knowing as YOU define them.

Many of the patterns/templates/systems offered by the current paradigms aren't working for us in the way we hoped, or the way they used to when we got started.

What if the ideal template for working, is your own feminine insight into your ways of knowing?

This is the idea within Anthropas, that you already know and need a path of practice to access it.

If you are called to step OUT of the over-culture, dominant paradigm, 'what-the-heck-is-going-on here' reality and into a space that YOU define for yourself, then this is made for you.

Weave with Soul, Star, Color, Scar, Clay, Body & Field in a dance of healing fragmentation
and discovering union.

Translation into your "real" life

What results or benefits might you experience?

  • A custom creative spiritual practice that you can use daily
  • Embodied connection, move into your temple space
  • Develop your own philosophy and catalog your wisdom
  • A profound understanding of Intentional Creativity, why it works, and how to work it
  • A tool for resiliency for you and your family, a 'go to' for challenges
  • A felt experience of body and soul coming together
  • Healing the fragmentation between inner and outer selves
  • Increased confidence in painting and new techniques
  • Soulful self-expression, and abandon, more freedom
  • Heightened ways of knowing what you know and sharing it
  • Deepening of intimacy with your important real-life relationships
  • Heightened sensuality through a new look at the body centers and senses
  • A new template of intuition that you design yourself
  • The pleasure of your own company in sovereignty, and we are here too!
  • A giant painting as a record of soul work, truly a dream to have!
  • Awareness of your own access, as well as content, and capacity to practice
  • The capacity to shape and organize your own consciousness.

For those of you that are teachers, healers, coaches, entrepreneurs

  • Your painting can be a business logo or website graphic.
  • Your images will have facets like a jewel that you can pull from, crop and use (as we have on this page)
  • You will have your own social media lexicon of graphics to use that are your own (instead of stock)
  • You will be able to use your painting to teach from, as your information will be in it.
  • You can use this piece as the cover of your book or body of work You can hang this in your office, or studio and have it behind on video calls
  • You can bring it with you to presentations as your backdrop or example of your work and philosophy

Your Anthropas Teacher and Guide Shiloh Sophia

Unite Your Soul and Body Energy

Together we will journey to a unique dimension where women makers do the sacred work of uniting Soul and Body Energy and Form Particle and Wave Light Body and Physical Body  

With your own codex, symbols, lights, energies, emanations, and honoring.  

We won't be handing you another system to download, you will design your own. As you become more and more clear about how YOU work as a human soul and divine being, your connection will become stronger and stronger. 

This is a call to become conscious. To be accountable to what is knowable. To awaken and celebrate the life you are creating. To become aware of your framework. To inhabit your cosmic identity and inhabit your soul as your own oracle.  

This is an Intentional Creativity Curriculum for Curating Human Beingness and Alchemizing the Anthropology of Self